Collegeclub Sweden (English)

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To study at an American university or college can be your best choice when it comes to both your personal development and your golfing career. Most players at PGA or LPGA level, for example, have a college background.

However, there are some issues to consider when you start your college application process. Every year there are talented, young, Swedish golfers that fail to comply with the formal demands required to start their studies. There are also a number of premature dropouts that, mainly, are a result of false expectations.

Collegeclub Sweden is a new company that will provide exactly the kind of service you as a player and your parents need in order to end up at the right college at the right cost.

Collegeclub Sweden will provide:

  • A large, personal network of colleges and coaches at different levels
  • Personnel in both USA and Sweden
  • Study expertise to help you ace your SAT and TOEFL tests
  • Methods to individually match players with the right college, to avoid mutual false expectations.